Brick Paving

When our brickpavers Perth lay your pavers, you’re guaranteed of a long-lasting output. The correct preparation and compaction of the base are integral on every job. Whether it is about using a sub-base material like crushed limestone or road base or making sure the existing soil is compacted adequately, we have you covered—the compaction will stop the pavers from sinking. The way the concreting of the edges is done also holds an important part in how long the output lasts. Each project has its own circumstances which we will consider to make sure that the edge that holds your soil together is done adequately so there is no future movement.

Our paving installation Perth team will make sure the levels, or more so the slopes, are installed correctly and the pavers are layed straight every time.

Precision Landscape Construction has been paving contractors Perth for 18 years. With 10 years of experience in the commercial sector, we guarantee a vast amount of knowledge to suit any situation. Justin Martin considers himself as experienced as anyone with 20 years of experience and is one of the best pavers Perth has to offer. Experienced with all types of pavers, we have a certain few we recommend, which are of the highest standard, therefore complementing our work standards and creating a great finish every time. We can also supply a wide range of pavers and recommend one to suit your job at a discounted rate from places like Midland Brick, Brikmakers, Atlas, Urbanstone, Australis and Fremantle Stone.

Customer satisfaction is what drives us with repeat customers in the housing market (often calling us after selling a house when moving to another) and numerous builders in the commercial sector continuously offering us jobs to quote on. They have come to know that Precision Landscape Construction is reliable, can finish the job on time and right the first time.

Anyone can lay pavers but a good strong outcome and strength to last in any circumstance are something that only the best paving contractors Perth can manage every time. We don’t take short cuts. Jobs are quoted to make sure we have everything covered. This way, we don’t need to cut corners or take short cuts, guaranteeing a job that will last.

Brickpaving Perth for 18 years, Precision Landscape has laid pavers in every suburb, countless schools, sports pavilions, pools and patios. We also do many additional aspects to go with the paving. These include earthworks with our own full-size skid steer and 12-ton tip truck. We can get the preparation done on any site competitively. Precision also does bull nosing to swimming pools, steps and walls. Drainage and soak wells where water run off isn’t possible; you must install limestone walls to retain, do reticulation pre-lays under paving to save the costly removal, and re-lay the pavers when reticulation is done in the future.

To surround the paving, we can also, if required, install the reticulation, gardens, lawns, and improve the soil by soil conditioning and mulching. Out of all the different aspects Precision Landscape offers, paving Perth is the main component of what we do.

If it is only brickpaving you require or some of the other landscape services we provide to go with your paving, you are assured a quality job. Every customer is more than satisfied with the job Precision Landscape Construction do for them, right down to the cleanup of each job at the end.

We are based in the Northeast of the Perth Metro area but cover all of Perth from Rockingham to Butler, and are available to do country jobs if you’re not in Perth.

With a name and reputation you can trust, we guarantee that you will never go wrong by contacting the Precision Landscape team.