Landscaping Perth is what Precision Landscape loves to do. We create nice, functional gardens, where there is a minimal amount of work for you to maintain it.

At the beginning, we will access the earthworks required. Perth landscaping is built on naturally occurring sandy soils, so we offer site works as part of the package. There is usually some to do, whether to remove soil/overgrowth by shovel or machine, backfill new garden beds or rotary-hoe a certain type of soil conditioner into the sand to improve it for you.

Precision Landscape is a part of Gardening services Perth. Justin has a certification 3 in turf management and a horticultural background that gives him the knowledge in the area and best practices passed onto his employees when planting your softscape areas to give them the best start possible to grow to their maximum potential. Apart from the softscape, we also do the hardscape, take care of any paving Perth, install limestone walls as a feature or for retaining and remove existing gardens if required to start again.

We can help you design your outdoor area with what will best suit the situation to get the best outcome. Whether it be the right type of roll on the lawn for a shaded area or the right mulch in a windy situation, the benefits of paving certain areas or an area suited for a small tree are endless. In the end, the job will work with the elements to provide you with something that, as it grows over the years, will give you a pleasing view, provide you with the lawn you’ve always wanted and give you an enjoyable, usable outdoor area.

Precision landscape gardeners Perth offer the best reticulation parts and sprinklers to suit your project to make sure you are getting water where you need it most, with easy to use automatic controllers to take the stress out of remembering to water on those hot days. Once you have a quality irrigation system working for you, your garden nearly takes care of itself, adding value to your home or property.

Precision Landscape Construction take care of the hardscape and softscape, from residential homes to unit complexes to medium-size commercial projects. We do the job ourselves without the need to sub-contract other trades, except unless a plumber or electrician is required. We supply and install everything, organising your job from start to finish so you can relax knowing it is getting done using the best workplace practices and the highest quality stock and parts to ensure the future longevity of your landscaped area.